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Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll

Prompt: Write about a time you disconnected with a friend.

I hate this one!

FriendshipCollapse )


My Glasses and Plain Clothes Give Me Away

Prompt: Describe someone using their familiar surroundings.

I wrote about a librarian.Collapse )


Untitled Ghost Story

Prompt: Write about a place you cannot return to.

Sort of a spin-off of real life, but isn't everything?

Kinda long, but a good read.Collapse )


Robin & Marion

I don't actually like this one, but I'll post it anyways.

The prompt was to write a dialogue between two characters who were eating and we had to describe the setting. I wrote mine about 20 mins before class and I think it sucks hardcore.

Kind of a Robin Hood theme.Collapse )


Character Sketch: Jade

I just got the copy my teacher reviewed back today, so I may revise this, but I'll make a separate post when I do.

Anyway, this character is Jade, he is the brother of Zoey and he lives with a giant rat named Horace.

A snapshot of Jade at work.Collapse )


Zoey & Charles

I came up with these two characters, Zoey and Charles. It's a pairing of a girl and her cat. The prompt for this paper was to have a dialogue between two characters, but only one of them could speak. For many pet owners it is common to speak to your pet so that it why I chose these two characters.

What's For Dinner?Collapse )


A continuation of the other bit.

Mel's MonologueCollapse )


The prompt was to take a bumper sticker, make up a car it was on, and explore the car.

So You're A Feminist. Isn't That Cute?Collapse )


In the Land of Whimsy [part 1/?]

Title: In the Land of Whimsy [part 1/?]
Author: truffulafruit aka bigger_tigers
Pairing: Pete/Mikey
Rating: PG-13, for some swears
Summary: Pete and Mikey live a good life in the Land of Whimsy in their castle by their unicorn ranch.
Authors Note: This is my first fic.
Dedications: Thanks to indie_wonka for being a beta fish.
Disclaimer: I don't own the band members... just the Land of Whimsy and the unicorns.

Part 1Collapse )